Roni Erez

Female Orgasm Instructor

"The day I met with Roni is the day I discovered the sexuality that dwells within me..."

If it worked for me, it will work for every woman!

"25 years of unpleasant sexual activity have finally ended!"

Online Courses

My online course will help you reconnect to your sexuality, your orgasms, and become multi-orgasmic in 7 simple and easy-to-understand steps. My course is designed for women who fail to experience orgasms, women who find it hard to experience orgasms, women who would like to enhance their sexual pleasure, women who cope with fertility issues or with menopause symptoms or women, who have experienced a decrease in their libido – all of which can benefit from the process in my course and change their lives for good, in 7 simple steps!

"I wish it was possible to replicate Roni and give every woman in the world this important gift!"

Israeli 'orgasm instructor' receives scientific seal of approval

Czech researchers probe whether 'Wave Method', invented by Israel’s Roni Erez, which enables women to achieve an orgasm without any internal or external genital stimulation

About me

For many years I have worked in the fields of sports and fitness. I believed in the concept of “a healthy soul in a healthy body” and therefore that one should dedicate herself to nurturing the body. I studies aerobics, personal training, TRX, Pilates, Core, strengthening the pelvic floor and I worked as a personal trainer. But I came to realize that the soul has needs of its own and that a healthy body is just one of them. The combination and balance between the body and the mind are imperative. I then studies NLP, guided imagination, meditation, Theta healing, intuition, Emotional Orthopedics and Bars. Today I combine the body and the mind by empowering female sexuality….

“He was really startled by how strongly I came”: the workshop you have to go through

Even if you think you know yourself, there is probably more to open up inside, in order to fulfill your personal and sexual potential and of course your orgasm...

The Many Aspects of the Female Orgasm

One of my clients asked me once: “why do I have such a hard time reaching an orgasm? I don’t understand what this ‘orgasm’ is that everyone talks about. Even in the rare occasions I did manage to come, I didn’t understand what...

The orgasm theater

Women keep asking me how I do it – how do I manage to teach women to control their orgasms? My response to them is I am not the one doing it. They are. In the past, I couldn’t control my orgasms. They controlled me. In order to come I had to put in time.

"Roni is a real gift to her field. The things I found out about myself during her female orgasm course continued to amaze me days after the encounter."

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"Roni, you have made a dramatic change in my life and have added a lot of power and feminine power beyond new and amazing sexual experiences."

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