About me

For many years I have worked in the fields of sports and fitness. I believed in the concept of “a healthy soul in a healthy body” and therefore that one should dedicate herself to nurturing the body. I studies aerobics, personal training, TRX, Pilates, Core, strengthening the pelvic floor and I worked as a personal trainer. But I came to realize that the soul has needs of its own and that a healthy body is just one of them. The combination and balance between the body and the mind are imperative. I then studies NLP, guided imagination, meditation, Theta healing, intuition, Emotional Orthopedics and Bars. Today I combine the body and the mind by empowering female sexuality.

My own story led me to this work in the first place. With age, my urination frequency started to increase. I found myself running to the bathroom many times a day including a few times during sex. Everyone I talked to told me that I should work on strengthening my pelvic floor muscles. Something that I thought I have done all my life. So I decided to take things in my own hands and get serious because my condition really impaired my day to day. I started with the regular exercises that were supposed to help me. I quickly started to feel that I was enjoying them in a sexual way.

I then started asking questions about what I was feeling and how it was effecting me. Nonetheless, I continued the training and exercising, which gave me great pleasure…and it only got better. My mindfulness and awareness of the feeling I was experiencing, coupled with the release from preoccupations led me to enjoy the process sexually. I released my thoughts and focused on enjoying sexually and on the motion that lead to it. Today, through practice, I can fully and wholly control my orgasms. My life has changed from having only clitoral orgasms, through hard work, to having any kind of orgasm whenever and how I so desire. I also urinate much less, so I also gained health benefits coupled with the sexual ones.

Learning for myself that I can reach such levels of control and pleasure made me realize that others can do the same and today I teach women to better understand their bodies. I teach women how to bring themselves to ever increasing orgasms. Of course, at no cost to their sexual lives with their partners. On the contrary – their sexual lives are only improved.

I invite anyone who feels she wants to reach a new sexual horizon to come to only two sessions with me. Motivation and totality are the two major factors that bring about amazing changes in life, and not just in sexuality.


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