The sexual triangle – be the true queen of your life!

New self perception will help you create, and to reconnect to your sexual abilities. In these abilities you will find recognition of your own value, open mindedness, compassion, self love. Self acceptance, a positive attitude, faith in yourself and the notion that I am who I am.

This change will allow you to put yourself and your needs in the center of your life. It can be manifested by giving yourself compliments, letting go of a false sense of control, feeling worthy, being connected to your sexuality, doing from a place of wholeness, taking responsibility over your own pleasure, be focused on your successes and being authentic with yourself and others.

Only then, can you live your life as the true queen that you are. You will feel connected to yourself, you will be a narcissist but not egomaniac, taking and giving, giving from yourself and not giving yourself. You will feel more sexy, cheeky, curious, open, positive and you will do your best for yourself. In this way, your sexuality will not be a burden and or means of pleasing others as it will become something you enjoy doing for yourself.

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