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The store is used as an electronic store for the purchase of products and by the public who surf the Internet in Israel.

1.2. A prerequisite for the validity of the purchase is the approval of the credit card company for the transaction and for it.

1.3. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions will apply to any use and purchase made by you in the online store, the Terms and Conditions constitute a binding contract between you and Roni Erez for all intents and purposes.

1.4. Please read these Terms and Conditions in full and carefully, as a precondition for a contract between the parties.

1.5. Browsing the store and / or purchasing the product and / or service offered for sale in it, expresses your consent to receive and act in accordance with the provisions of the regulations. Hence if you are not Agree to some and / or all of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, you are requested not to make any use of the Store.

1.6 . The terms of this policy may change from time to time and the store reserves the right to update and / or change them and / or cancel them, at its sole discretion.

1.7. Please be sure to check the regulations before each purchase in the store.

1.8. The use of masculine language in the regulations and / or anywhere else on the site is done for convenience only and anywhere in these regulations and / or on the site where masculine language is used, the intention Also for the female implicitly.

1.10. It is possible to order unlimited items from any product to the customer, unless otherwise stated in the product details. (Does not include the ordering of instructional videos for which there is a personal ordering system)

  1. The right / kosher to use the site

Any user who fulfills the cumulative conditions listed below may register on the site in order to make purchases:

2.1. The user is competent to perform legally binding actions, in a manner and to a extent that is consistent with the purchases he has actually made. The user declares and confirms that he is Eligible to make the purchases and may call them with the store.

2.2. Perform and / or obtain the consent of his / her natural and / or legal guardians to perform it. Purchasing under the age of 18 is prohibited.

2.3 You may purchase and order the products of the site services only with the card registered both in Israel and around the world. Subject to his ID or passport.

2.4. The user has an e-mail box on the Internet.

  1. The products offered on the site

3.1. For each product or service offered for sale a “sales page” is displayed. The sales page includes the name of the product or service offered for sale, the price, the shipping price. And the price includes the shipping fee.

3.13 Cancellation of the purchase transaction by the user

After the purchase the transaction will be allowed to be canceled while receiving 20% ​​of the payment for the transaction back. Cancellation of the purchase will be possible up to 14 days from the date of purchase.

3.14 The final determining price of the product is in accordance with and coincides with the moment of purchase of the product and approval by the credit company. It will not be possible to change the charge after the transaction, even if the price on the website has changed.

3.15 Roni Erez undertakes the security of the site and the means of payment. The site undertakes to be a protected space for the use of credit through secure pages. It is important to note that credit information is not stored anywhere, solely for the purpose of the transaction purchased.

3.16 Roni Erez reserves the right to terminate at any time, in its sole discretion, the activity on the Site and / or to cancel a purchase transaction made by a user, including, but not limited to, in any of the cases listed below: From stock. If the credit card information and the full details of the user have not been entered in the system. In any case where an action has been taken in violation of these Terms. The user committed an illegal act and / or violated the provisions of the law, the user provided incorrect details when making the purchase transaction and / or thereafter; The user has committed an act or omission that could harm Roni Erez and / or anyone on its behalf and / or the proper operation of the site and / or any other third party; if in the company’s opinion, the user intends to resell the items purchased by him through the site to a third party ‘. In this context, the user confirms and undertakes not to sell items purchased on the site to any third party. The user, due to “force majeure”, is not able Roni Erez to perform proper management of the site, provide the user with the products and / or meet its other obligation. In this section “force majeure” means: including computer malfunctions, malfunctions in the telephone system or malfunctions in other communication systems, any sabotage and security incident. In such circumstances, Roni Erez may cancel the transaction or offer the user an equivalent alternative item, at its discretion and in accordance with the circumstances of the cancellation. If such a sale is canceled, Roni Erez will not be responsible and will not bear, in any case, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or a third party, including but not only damage due to the purchase of the product and / or service from a third party at a higher price.

3.2. Product data is subject to the manufacturer’s definitions including size / volume, measurement, and product indices and is approved for sale in Israel by the manufacturer / importer.

3.3. The prices shown on the website include VAT.

3.3 The prices on the website are updated from time to time and therefore there may be discrepancies between the prices of the product on the website and their prices on other websites, which are operated by third parties, who refer to the website. The determining price is the price of the product / s on the website.

3.4. Receipt of the gift, in Kana-Kabel’s product (s), subject to stock

4.00 Booking online courses.

4.1 are under the operating instructions displayed on the website. The user will not be able to request a refund after starting to use the product.












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