Do you know what you want from your partner during sex

Sex is one of the strongest bonds there in any romantic relationship; it binds partners. For some, if they are not sexually compatible, they are not compatible at all. Sexual compatibility is like the top requirement before any commitments are made to go further in the relationship. There is a specific question you must ask yourself if you are in a romantic relationship or if you are married;

Are you enduring sex instead of enjoying it? Are you just letting your partner have their way because you don’t want to hurt their feelings? Contrary to popular belief, the zenith of sex is not a short moment of orgasm; it is meant to be a continuous feeling of intense pleasure over an extended period. Is your partner making you feel that way?


If you have suffered in silence before now, here is an opportunity to liberate yourself from that shackle. There is so much dissatisfaction in relationships today as a result of this. So much divorce, cheating, and the likes. Mostly because partners don’t know what the next person wants and how they like to ‘get it.’ Below are a few ways to a better sex life with your partner.


What Do You Like?

The best way to solve a problem is the first to identify and understand the problem. If you are not satisfied with your partner with the way you have sex, then it is required that you know what it is you like he/she to do or not do that will please you unimaginable. To achieve this, you need to spend more time with yourself or with your partner, discovering yourself, what you like, what makes you tick, that way you know what your partner should do during sex. That solves most of your problems, easy.  Most times it is easier for a man to reach orgasm before a woman does, as a woman, to help your partner make you an orgasm you need to indulge more in masturbation, doing this will make you understand your body more. Afterward, you will be able to communicate what you want to your partner.


Communicate With Your Partner

Would you go to a restaurant where the chef would not wait for you to make an order, but serve you anything on his menu? Certainly not, the chef needs to help you what your request. Your sex life should not be any different. Most times, we don’t order anything from our partner during sex; we assume our partners know what to do. You must learn to communicate with your partner during sex. If they are doing something wrong, then you have to tell them to change it. Communicate because it helps. Your partner can’t satisfy you without knowing what you like.


Make Sure Your Connection Outside Of the Bedroom Is Not Poor

If you are not connecting well outside the bedroom, it would be difficult to have great sex. What happens outside the sex bed affects your sex life, so fix it if you want to enjoy sex with your partner. Connection on an emotional level is key to having great sex with your partner.

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