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Do you want to know what women really want in bed?

Do you know what women want when things get hot and heavy? Most men do not understand what women want in bed. It’s not enough that you stay with her in bed and do something that pleases no one else but you without thinking if your woman is happy or just faking the enjoyment.

Who else wants to learn how to drive your woman wild in bed? Are you curious to know what women want? Do you wonder what sort of stuff your lady fantasize about when it comes to sex? Are you sick and tired of trying to please your partner in bed and worrying whether or not you are pleasing her or whether she is secretly fantasizing about somebody else? Simply because you aren’t able to make her climax when it counts?

This is the perfect time to ask yourself if you have ever made her feel satisfied. As a Man, you should understand the secrets on what women silently crave and yearn for.

 So What Do Women Really Want In Bed?

Want to know what 91% of women, when privately surveyed about what they want in the sack? (Some of these may surprise you!)


Men, being physical creatures, love immediate action. They seem to rush to hit the climactic peak, and when they are done, they leave their ladies disappointed.

Think outside the box when it comes to foreplay. Most women like fabulous foreplay more than actually having sex, but foreplay runs for about half an hour or so until she builds up enough arousal. Foreplay is erotic attention before intercourse, which involves kissing, cuddling, tender touches, teasing, sexy strokes, and dirty talks. (This brings the orgasm frequency rate up to 50%).

Going Down on Her

The word cunnilingus wasn’t invented for nothing. Unfortunately, whatever you have between your thighs isn’t the only thing women want. So, before you get to business in using your mighty tool, make sure you please her with other things first. Your fingers will always be handy, but she would also like you to go down on her, Kissing a trail from her neck all the way down, and eat her out. If only men realized how hot that is as it gives a different sensation, and if she likes what you are doing, she might just return the favor.

Be verbal

Men adore it when women moan, but they rarely do it themselves. Women like dirty dialog and when guys swear and grunt in pleasure during sex. It’s so hot and shows he’s really into it, this spicy conversation and verbal grunting is a surprising turn on for most!

Different Sensations

Sex becomes boring after a while. If you are bored with it, she probably is too. Then it’s time to explore more hot sex positions. To make it enjoyable each time, mix fast and rough passion with slower, gentle touches. Women say adventure is an aphrodisiac, and taking chances and exploring new and exciting erotic exercises is a significant turn on.

The Big O

Many women complain that they seldom reach orgasm during sex, and this is the usual problem discussed by women. It seems as though many men are not aware of what women really want. Guys need to control that urge and give your lady time to enjoy; making sure she gets an orgasm too before you roll over and pass out.

Make sure you take care of her needs. Women say size does matter but not nearly as much as a man who can last long enough to take care of her needs as well!

Bottom Line

Learning what women really want in bed is as easy as following the simple truths stated above. The fact remains that women are much easier to please than most men believe. If you are willing to try new things, amaze her with ambiance, (women love an erotic atmosphere), focus on foreplay a bit before sex and learn to last a really long time. Do all this, and you will be a sensational lover.

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