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Does your Relationship need spring cleaning

Having a good relationship requires effort from both parties. Imagine living in a house without cleaning it for months, dirt will take over that house, and that will make it uncomfortable for you to live in. The same goes for your relationship, as time goes up, we begin to slack in our behaviors and attitude towards one another, and that is equivalent to allowing dirt to come in. To get back on track, to be able to enjoy your relationship again, then you need to ‘spring clean’ it. Whoever takes the first step to achieve this is the more mature person, not the weak one.

So what must be done to rekindle that fire? What must be done to get your relationship back on track? Below are a few simple tips that if you follow, will make a remarkable change in your relationship.


Listen, Listen, Listen

This can’t be emphasized one too many times. Learn to listen more: a wise man once said that “the wisest amongst all is the one who listens the most.” To successfully carry out this spring cleaning, you must learn to pay more attention, learn to listen more to your partner. When someone knows you are giving them 100 percent of your attention and care, they feel prominent and respected. This will improve your relationship markedly. When you have been with a person for long, there is a tendency to take what they say for granted, and that is dangerous as it will make them feel invalidated and unhealthy. Listen.


Spend More Time Together

As time goes on, there is a tendency that the spark you felt when you first met is fading, you no longer spend as much time together, perhaps maybe you’ve done all you know how to do together, and there is no new thing to do. But the truth remains that the heart will continue to stay drawn to the one who spends more time with it. Constrain yourself to enjoy the time spent with your spouse. It does magic in relationships, give it a try, and soon you’d reap its dividends.


Don’t Yell At Your Partner

No one likes to be yelled at, and your partner is not an underling but ‘Your Partner’ no matter how angry you are in the spur of the moment, don’t yell. For some people they yell unconsciously, they don’t even know they are yelling. It is the wrong way to talk to anyone. The negative impact of yelling is tremendous, and it can put a significant strain on your relationship with your partner. Be mindful of what you say and in what tone or pitch you say it. Avoid quarrel; it does your relationship no good.


Improve On Physical Contact

Always have physical contact, see each other often, touch, hold hands, take a hike together in the park, hug, kiss, and etcetera, and be in contact always. This makes your partner comfortable and loved, and better your relationship.


Make Time for Intimacy

Intimacy is an indispensable part of any relationship. How often are you ‘getting or giving it’?

Make time for intense, passionate sex with your partner, fan the flame of your relationship, and watch as the tides will turn in your Favor.

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