The many benefits of the female orgasm

How does our “sexual body” work?

How does our “sexual body” work?

Hey! I wanted to talk to you about a few important things to do with our sexual body.

What is sex? Where do we have sex? For how long? How many times a week?

What do you feel during an orgasm? How important is penetration, for your sexual pleasure?

The answers to these questions (and more), can explain the sexual perception we each have. When a woman comes to me, it is because she wants to improve her pleasure during sexual encounters, but isn’t she enjoying herself in the first place? Why can’t she easily reach orgasms, whenever she likes?

First of all, it has a lot to do with how she perceives herself, sexually and herself within the sexual sphere. For most of the time, she is the one judging and therefore preventing herself from fully enjoying her own body. Her self perceptions, that have to do with her sexuality are embedded with guilt, control, judgment, and shame. This belief system is not necessarily hers and they usually do not serve her to reach the best outcome.

There are women, who see their “sexual power”, as a means to get material things from their partners, or they do their partner “a favor” by having sex with them, although they don’t really want to, and it always comes with a price on her part. This perception causes us to behave like the one being hunted by being closed off and avoiding sex, it makes her feel like she doesn’t deserve to experience pleasure.

She would rather stay in her comfort zone and lacks to desire to explore her own body and sexuality, she always finds what is wrong with her, she does not actively create sexual situations and lives with a lot of frustration. The physical result is that her body, acts within the victim energy, her body shuts down and finds it difficult to physically experience pleasure. He experiences then replicate themselves and she may find it very hard to release herself from this vicious cycle of displeasure.

There is no reason you should accept a life without sexual pleasure, instead, come and learn how to experience a different kind of sex.

My online course will teach you how to better understand your body and how to control your own sexual pleasure.

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