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How to uncover your sexual fantasies

We live in a world where we can dream, have visions, and fantasize about stuff. The limits of our fantasies are endless as we have diverse sexuality as humans.

Sexuality is weird and bizarre; what makes sense to one person may be gross to another. This will lead you to desire to uncover what you have fantasized about. The thing you must remember though is the uniqueness in everyone.

Dreams do come true, so also can your fantasies. Uncovering your sexual fantasy requires that you know yourself well enough to know what turns you on. If you were raised to feel shame when sex is being discussed, uncovering your fantasy will be a much more complicated process for you. Not to worry, though, this guide will lead you on a journey to sexual self-discovery and enable you to live out your sexual fantasies without fear nor favor.

Sometimes we discover that our fantasies play out naturally, but other times, they need to be forced out. If you are interested in uncovering your fantasies, here are a few things to consider:

  • Give conscious thought to the first time you heard about sex, how you felt, what you thought sex was, what was appealing to you then. Did you have any confusing thoughts? Where you scared about it? This is the first step to uncovering your fantasies.


  • An experience they said is the best teacher, your experience from your past sexual encounters can teach you what turns you on. Make a list of your top three sexual experiences, are there things that most of them have in common? If yes, then you just found out what makes you tick in bed.


  • Another way to uncover your fantasy is to take note of what you think about when you masturbate. Do you always think about what it would be like to be chained and fucked?


  • You can also uncover your sexual fantasies by thinking about sex scenes seen in movies or books, what were the things you loved about the scenes?


  • No fantasy is too weird, have you considered any of the top fantasies people usually have? Rape or forced sex, role-playing, one-night stand, threesome, watching a sex scene, or being watched. You can uncover your fantasy if you rank these in order of most liked to least appealing.


  • Putting things down in writing is key to recalling what you genuinely love, whatever fantasy you’ve had in the past, it is time to put it down in writing, try writing your own erotica.

You deserve the right to fantasize about anything you want. To truly uncover your fantasy, you must learn to communicate it with your partner and give it a try sometime. However, we advise that you always know your limits. Remember, Dreams do come true, so also your fantasies.


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