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Is your bedroom sabotaging your relationship


Do you and your partner do everything else in your bedroom except sex? If yes, then there is a
problem, and that could be sabotaging your relationship.
Inadequate sex life can lead to the end of any relationship and do not think for one second that
your bedroom isn’t playing a part in how often you have sex with your partner. You may feel
comfortable with what you are getting in your bedroom, but the question remains, is your
partner comfortable too? A relationship has more than just one party in it, and the moment
one part of the pair is uncomfortable, the relationship may take a downturn. Don’t let your
bedroom become a hindrance and sabotage to your relationship.

Now that we agree that there is a problem. Understanding the problem is the key to
finding an appropriate solution to it. So what is the issue with your bedroom? Why are you not
‘getting it’ often as you’d like? Your answer lies in how your bedroom looks, feels and smells, to
mention just a few.

Many times in our lives, we are capable of determining what becomes of us but what surrounds
us shape our realities most times; our environment. Instead of trying so hard to overcome how
you or your partner feel in your bedroom to be able to have sex, why not tune-up your
bedroom and make it a Sexual Haven?
You can set up your bedroom in a way that will inspire intense feelings and connect with your
lover. You need to follow a few tips as outlined here;
Make your bedroom strictly your bedroom; make it your sacred temple if I must put it
Don’t let friends, children, or even your sibling’s gain access to your bedroom anytime they like.
Make it sacred; the outside world should be restricted. Shutting out the outside world isn’t
limited to Friends and family alone, it includes, sunrays, sound, or noise. Put a lock on your
door, buy dark curtains to prevent the sunrays from penetrating through the windows when
you don’t need it. Your bedroom should also not have a set of television in it, and it is a
bedroom, not a sitting room or theatre, it should serve the purpose of a sound sleep and great
sex, I believe you are more interested in the latter.

How does your room smell? If bad, change the scent:
Do you want to reap quick dividends from this bedroom tune-up? Then the time is right and the
time is now for you to invest in scenting your bedroom. A bad smell repels, and a good one will
make your partner want to stay more or spend more time in the bedroom, this will invariably
cause you to have more sex and save your relationship.

Bedroom temperature matters:
Let the temperature in the bedroom be cooler than anywhere else in your house, not too cold
though but more refreshing than the restrooms. Believe it or not, a cool temperature
encourages cuddling and afterward great sex.

Use soft, quality beddings:
A good bed is made better with quality, smooth, and pleasurable beddings. Get yourself good
bedding and watch the magic it does.

I said no TV; I didn’t say no Music:
In my opinion, Great music and sex are related, they bring pleasure, and the two combos bring
unimaginable ecstasy. They go well together.

Change the lightings of your bedroom:
The ambiance of the room is a unique key to a romantic atmosphere; no bright lights are
needed, don’t change your bedroom into an office or a study. Keep the lights low and enjoy
your sex life.

Try all this, and soon you’ll see a significant difference, your relationship will be on track
again. The sabotage? Defeated!

Is your bedroom sabotaging your relationship

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