Is your cell phone running your relationship?

This is a crucial question here, Is Your Cell Phone Ruining Your Relationship?

Being able to get through to your partner irrespective of distance and location at any time using a cell phone is a great thing, you can text him/her or put a call across to them. This great thing can turn out to be a hindrance in your relationship; a cellphone can disrupt communication, and end up ruining your relationship.

Talking to someone over the phone is never comfortable talking to them physically. Face-to-face conversations have elements such as; tone of voice, facial expression, body language, touch, and gestures, and it is a more intimate form of communication than just talking over the phone. It is much easier to fabricate an answer talking to someone over the phone than when they are seated right in front of you. Walking and talking with your partner and verbal fillers can be an excellent way to build a better connection with your partner and hence a better relationship.



Often some of us rely on technology to be able to communicate with our loved ones, we chat, call, video call sometimes to keep in touch, but these forms of communications never seem to be enough. They are not as satisfying as talking with your loved one face-to-face.

The reason why our cellphones are not enough to bring us the satisfaction we desire from communicating with our partner is that cellphones disrupt communication. Facial expression and gestures are lost when you text or call, and it is an essential part of communication. This is also the case when making video calls; the time frame is never the same; you may never be able to make eye contact during a Skype call session. Texting is also flawed by the lag in turn taking.  These disruptions affect your relationship whether or not you are conscious of it.

Even when together with your partner, cellphones have taken a massive chunk of our time. Instead of communicating with your partner, you see partners interacting with social media. Instead, they are either interested in one meme or the other, engrossed with what is trending instead of an actual conversation with their partner. Cellphone certainly keeps us connected, but it is being misused these days.


Here are a few steps to take when you are with your partner to avoid the disruptions your mobile phone can cause in your relationship;

  • Value time spent with your partner; don’t allow your phone tale the place of your partner.
  • Make a conscious decision to keep your fingers off your phone when you are together with your partner.
  • Make out time to see each other often: no matter how busy you may be and no matter the distance apart from your partner, always find time to see each other.

Do the more intimate stuff sometimes; go on a hike in the park, hold hands, connect, don’t let technology steal away these necessary, more intimate forms of connection with your partner.

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