Online “orgasm” courses

I am inviting you to get impression of my online courses, which I instruct and teaches you how to be responsible of your sexual pleasure. seven lessons of five to nine minutes each, two exercises, four guided meditations and more. Please, Watch the introduction and
'Enter to an all new world of pleasure'

Thanks Roni!

I came to Roni through my psychologist, who heard from her patient, who heard from a friend, who heard from a colleague at work and so on.

I was a little apprehensive about getting into a process like this without having a direct person to ask him “did it really help you?” I was afraid of losing the money for some scam or admitting that I needed help with everything related to sex but mostly with the fear that accompanies a great expectation.

The fears overcame every clear thought and I decided to start with a small step, first to investigate about roni erez and only then come to a decision, and what reactions did I find about it, wow.

From the articles in the media to the hot reviews of the girls who just finished writing a course, made me realize that maybe it’s time to confront the fears and do the course because I too like those girls want to feel liberated, whole, open and safe.

For all the way Roni was there very politely, lovingly and understandably answer any question or help I needed – this course is a mission she took on, it is not her “job” to pass the course to you and then Leaving you alone to fight, she is here to help, answer questions, guide and sincerely share her knowledge.

Beyond the amazing support and tools gained in this course – you get knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!

You discover how your body works, what pleases you more and what less, but mostly you gain the knowledge of why it made you reach a stage where you do not enjoy sex and how to change the negative thoughts you have created for yourself into positive ones.

This is where meditations come into the picture, meditations that know exactly what is going through your mind and how to come to terms with yourself and accept yourself with love and compassion, which is the first step to enjoying sex – or life in general.

So thank you Roni, I may not have met you but you definitely changed my life.


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