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Sex as a daily routine

Sex as a daily routine

When does sex, become a routine for you? After a month? Three months? Maybe six? After you have moved in together? After you get married? After the first child? Maybe the second?

And what does “sex as a routine” even mean? Having sex although you are not really in the mood, he is? Sex you have but don’t really enjoy? Sex that you wait for it every time with anticipation?

When do you have your sex as a routine? On a specific day? The more the better or the less the better?

How does your sex begin when it is a routine? Do you look at him and he at you? Do you just jump into bed without talking? Does one of you initiate more than the other? Or do you talk about it before? Does the conversation begin with an argument over the lack of sex you have?

What does your routine sex look like? The same positions? Do you bring new things into your sex? Or do you do the same routine every time? Do you do more than one position?

When have you talked about your sex recently? Yesterday? A week ago? Maybe a year ago? Maybe never?

When was the last time you orgasmed? Every time you have sex? Never?

We all have different answers to these questions, the question is, do you like your answers? In many cases, the problem begins in the way we perceive our sexuality and the place we put it in within our lives. Our sexual behavior is a direct result of the way we perceive our sexuality, and the body reacts accordingly. If you want to change your sexual routine, I invite you to do my online course and learn how to do so!

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