Sexual Beliefs and Viewpoints – Right and Wrong

Awareness is the ability to be present in every moment of your life without your or anyone else’s judgment. It is the ability to accept everything, repel nothing, and create everything you desire in life – bigger than what you have now, and more than you can imagen.
Every women is unique and has places she can empower within herself to discover the sexual hidden treasures inside of her. All that is required is to identify the right moment, and decide to allow ourselves to experience while being accepting and present.
When we are children our minds are embedded with thoughts, beliefs, and viewpoints about what is right and wrong in sexuality. These are truths we heard from our elders and society, and which accompany us throughout our lives as children.
Research teaches us that 98% of the things we say and think aren’t really our own. These are things we got from our environment, messages we picked up on directly or indirectly, insights we have adopted through different media. We come to believe that these perspectives are what is right and what is ours. We create a path for ourselves and define how we have fun. In parallel thought, creating a path blocks off other alternative paths we might have taken.
We tend to accept these limiting beliefs as our own. We become addicted to the polarity of “right and wrong” as we perceive them from our perspective. We tend to stay in the comfort zone of what is known. As a result, the sexual behavior we have carved for ourselves becomes fixed and rigid, both within a sexual relationship and with temporary partners.
The fixed patterns of our behaviors are created by our brain which activates certain receptors that determine whether an experience is deemed good or bad. We have the ability, through practicing a simple technique and focusing on enjoyment, to reach gradually increasing physical pleasure.
In the sexual dynamic of many couples, the man will first want the woman to orgasm. This has mainly to do with ego – did I please her? – If so, his manhood is reinforced. From that point, the man can focus on his own enjoyment.
Physiology prohibits men from sexually functioning for over short periods of time after orgasming as they need a rest or recuperation period. For this reason, cognitive reasoning follows the physiological in the man’s mind. After the women reaches sexual gratification, she is satisfied, wet, and can accept the man inside her. Then her ambition is to please him as much as possible until he reaches climax. She will do everything to make him orgasm, both because it’s enjoyable and because it will mean the end of the sexual act.
What if you had a key to sexual bliss? That only you can unlock and to reach a state where you will not want it to end? Your sexual energy will increase and grow the more the sexual act continues. Sexual stimulation will lead to ever increasing orgasms and change the sexual energy so that you will never want the man to orgasm because his orgasm will mean the end of your sexual pleasure?
What if you were willing to live and act out of enablement? Enablement can affect consciousness and make it receptive to acceptance. Out of enablement, even if you have limiting thoughts, you will have the choice to look at them as an interesting point of view and not as limiting truths that confine your path.
How can we reach such a state? Can it get any better?
I welcome you to only two sessions where you can learn to use your body’s muscles, mainly your pelvic floor, to create sexual arousal that will lead to the desired outcome – wave after wave of ever intensifying orgasms.
There are no wonders. This is a choice that stems from awareness and from being present in the experience itself. Practice will make this process a part of you.
Some catch on right away and others require a bit more practice. But everyone can do it. Each one can live up to her full potential through learning the system and practicing it exactly as we would train a muscle in the gym. The more we train our pelvic floor in the right way learned during the workshop, while at the same time increasing sexual energy using imagination techniques, breathing, and movement, the more sexual pleasure becomes accessible. It becomes a part of you.
If you are not happy with where you are with yourself, what can be better for you?
If you are happy with where you are, what else could be possible for you?

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