Your ability to experience true sexual pleasure

The many benefits of the female orgasm

The female orgasm has many positive effects on our body, health, and the general feeling in life.


Neurologically – it helps connect new areas of the brain together that don’t usually communicate

Evolutionary – It increases that chances of getting pregnant

Physiologically – it helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and our urinary system

Physiologically – it rewards us with great pleasure and good couple communication


So, if it is so important, how do we change our attitude towards sex?


First of all, we need to understand that sex is for our own pleasure, not his alone. The main change happens with our attitude, our understanding that I am taking sexual pleasure and not only giving it away.


It is true that there are better lovers than others, but a woman’s ability to enjoy sexual encounters does not rely solely on the man’s performance, it depends first of all on her relationship with herself. A woman, who wants to experience a real change in her life, needs to change the way she thinks about sex and her own concepts to do with her own sexuality. Many women find it hard to orgasm dues to the negative perspective they have on themselves.


Finding it hard to climax is not a sentence from above, it can be learned by any woman who chooses to do so.

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