תיאטרון האורגזמות

The orgasm theater

Women keep asking me how I do it – how do I manage to teach women to control their orgasms?

My response to them is I am not the one doing it. They are.

In the past, I couldn’t control my orgasms. They controlled me. In order to come I had to put in time.

My husband used to call me “the weekend orgasm theater” because in the middle of the week I couldn’t find the necessary peace of mind to come. We would have sex and I’d enjoy it, but wouldn’t come. These are the lives of women who can’t reach an orgasm via penetration.

We both really wanted me to accomplish that goal. We knew there were some women who could do it. Why could they while I could not?

Who ever thought about controlling orgasms? We just wanted my pleasure not to be such a burden, or hard work, in order to experience any.

We decided to learn whatever was needed to reach that desired goal. We read articles and research, and gained deeper knowledge of the topic. Science can explain exactly what happens to a woman while climaxing, and even acknowledges the importance of the orgasm for a woman. The only answer that was missing was – why do things occur one way and not the other?

e studied Tantra and its importance to the fabric of the relationship. We gained much from it, but didn’t quite yet reach our goal.

Eventually our search came to an end. I finally understood, as if meeting myself for the first time. Today, I know it’s not the exact path I took that matters. All that mattered is I kept walking it. A few years earlier could have been nicer of course, but it’s never too late.

After having found, encountered, and elaborated… I realized I could teach other women what I know. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

I would like to invite you on a path of self-exploration, just like the one I took, so you too can reach where I am today.

I offer an online course of seven lessons, two exercises and four guided meditations. At the end of this 21-42 day process, your life would be transformed.

If it worked for me – there is no reason it wouldn’t work for anyone else.

If you really want it – it will happen! This is a personal process, one that reflects on any relationship.  

Many women live differently today. They had the motivation to improve their lives.

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