Clitorial Orgasms

The power to make real change is on our mind

The power to make real change is on our mind


No one ever talked to us about sex, we saw and read about it here and there but no one really ever talked to us about the subject. Not our parents, teachers or guides, so why are we so surprised that as women, we know almost nothing about our sexuality and are, therefore, unable to truly enjoy it as our body has the potential to?


Today’s culture doesn’t appreciate the power of our mind enough, and our ability to change our reality. Our brain actually creates everything we experience in the physical world, and does not know how to differentiate a dream to a thought, to him, they are identical. When our brain looks at the outside world, different parts of the brain light up, then, when we imagine that same thing, our body will react in the same way, as if it were really there, although we only experienced it within our imagination. Successful people always have the knowledge that being successful is a possibility for them, the power to change our reality, lies within our mind.


An enhancing thought creates a nervous network within the brain that will continue to manifest in our physical body, as long as we hold on to the positive thought. Changing what we think about orgasms from a negative approach to a positive one, is the basis for changing our behavior accordingly. It is not our will to achieve our goal or our attempts to do so but our inner belief that it is possible. This knowledge and ability to change your reality accordingly is in your own hands, not anyone else’s. The understanding that it can be learned, knowing that it worked for me and for many other women makes it possible for you too, if you really want and believe in the change.

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