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The right way to schedule sex and still enjoy it

The reality is that there isn’t always time available for having sustainable sex ever, and in the long term, the stresses of life can infringe on any sexy feelings you have at all. This happens when you get weighed down by things like a busy schedule, a full-time job, and most of us are so busy we don’t have time to read a book spontaneously, much less spontaneously have sex. As time goes on, life catches up, and you do not see each other every moment of every day; when the excitement of moving in together wanes and real life sets in.

So what’s The Solution?

Some stop having sex altogether (can you say “sayonara relationship“?). Other tend to cheat because sex in some fantasy-affair world seems hotter. For many couples, scheduling sex is the only way to ensure that they have sex.

The idea of scheduling sex does not appear alluring in any respect. The word “scheduled sex” anticipates dread for most couples. Endlessly spontaneous sex is the dream for most couples, so deciding schedule sex feels like an admission that your sex life is officially dead. But scheduled sex be way more fun than you think. Here’s how to make your scheduled sex hotter than ever.

Keep It Hot!

Scheduling sex can be exciting because it allows you to look forward to something. However, don’t just stop at placing the date; Get ready for it! Top up the excitement, Send foreplay texts and notes in advance, read some erotica, and fantasize about the kind of sex you want to have.

Mix It Up

Another amusing way to go about this adventurous activity is to mix up your usual sexual repertoire. It doesn’t always have to be intercourse. Partners can make the scheduled time whatever they want. It could be a set time to try like oral sex or a new position or an intimate activity like a bubble bath or massage with no expectation of sex, but if it happens, great!

Take It Slow

No one wants to feel rushed during a sex date. Take time in exploring each other’s bodies, to disconnect from everything else so you can reconnect with each other. It’s essential to block out enough time for the fun. Try not to throw your clothes back and go back to life quickly, or roll over and fall asleep; take some time to indulge in each other and get more aroused.

Take It Somewhere New

Sure, you’ve scheduled sex. But just because you know when it’s going down, doesn’t mean you know where it’s going down. Let your inner exhibitionist out and try changing rooms or switching up the usual routine to make room for new ones. Make sure that any potential space for lovemaking is inviting.

Welcome Unscheduled Sex

Another trap to avoid is feeling like sex always has to be scheduled. If you abruptly have the possibility and choice to have spontaneous sex on one in any of your non-scheduled days, no one is stopping you. Have as much sex as you need!

Ultimately, Scheduling sex goes deeper than just blocking off an hour in your calendar. You may only find that making sex dates gives you both an opportunity to plan out the sexual activities you’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten around to. And take into account that scheduling intercourse doesn’t imply you’ll by no means have spontaneous sex once more.

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