The sexual drama triangle

The sexual drama triangle includes three elements: The perceptual element, the behavioral element and the physical element.

The perceptual element: The way we perceive ourselves and our sexuality. This perception is based on the same conditionings that we have embraced as our own during our life, although they are not ours. Because of these conditionings, we have become our biggest critic. This cause our sexual perception to deal mainly with judgment, control, guilt, shame, embarrassment, comparison to others, suspicion, doubt and perfectionism.

This perception causes us to behave in an avoiding and closed off manner: we don’t allow ourselves to have fun and we don’t look at ourselves in a compassionate or sexual way. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone instead of exploring our own sexuality. This is how we create negative emotions towards our sexuality including lack of faith, rejection, fear, pressure, wanting to please others and our ability to always focus on what we lack, instead on what we have.

This story that we keep telling ourselves, creates resistance inside out body. This is the reason our body often shuts down and is unable to relax or reach sexual climax. As a result of this process, we tend to blame our partners for the way things are. We are more comfortable staying passive, than taking responsibility for our own pleasure and changing our sexual perceptions.

The behavioral element: The language we use in our day to day life is also important. A negative inner dialogue for example, can keep us in a negative state of mind and can create negative reactions such as criticism, shame, doubt, guilt, comparison to others, talking with exclamation marks!!!, false assumptions and supposedly factual comments about ourselves. It is important to understand that a negative inner dialogue can deeply affect us energetically. “Why are my friends experiencing it but not me?” is an example of an inner negative dialogue that be very damaging.

In order to change this situation, we must change our language. The moment we start using positive words about ourselves, we will be exposed to a new positive and loving energetic state. This will make us more open, loving and  compassionate about ourselves and will give us the will power to act to change our situation from a loving and accepting place.

The physical element: Learning “the wave movement”

I wrote my course in order to help you change your sexual perceptions and to help you create new and positive sexual habits.

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