The social perception gap between the female and the male orgasms

The social perception gap between the female and the male orgasms

The social perception gap between the female and the male orgasms is one of the most important things that are changing in the western world over the past 10 years. The concept that it is easier for men to climax during sex is changing.

The lack of knowledge and awareness amongst females and in regards to their sexuality, the medical emphasis on the male genitalia and orgasm but not on the female one, together with a lack of proper sexual education have created a situation where when a man has a sexual dysfunction, he has the medical solution at his feet but women have very few ways and places to treat themselves in this area of life. This can create the false perception that men can experience their sexuality more than women, but this is simply not true.

Women have higher sexual abilities and capabilities than most men. When a woman is into it and wants it, she can experience sexual heaven but she needs to want it enough. Men might simply want it more than women, but they can’t always perform accordingly to their will.

A woman who enjoys a healthy sex life is much happier than a woman who does not. Women spend most of their life trying to feel better with themselves, their body, the way they look but they neglect their own sexual pleasure. Our sexuality is basic and important is we want to live a long, healthy and happy life, just as much as our nutrition. 

A life without sex is a life without pleasure. Any woman can be in a place where she experiences sexual pleasure. Today four years after I began working with women, I know the best way to get them to this desired result, I have worked with more than a thousand and five hundred women who want to change their life for the better and I have seen many of them embark on a new sexual phase in their life.

If you too feel like you deserve to be in a better place within your own sexuality, do not hesitate to contact me and get started with my online course! I will teach you how to become multi-orgasmic and how you can out yourself, in the center of your sex life. Make the decision to become responsible for your sexual pleasure and see how your life becomes even more amazing than befor

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