What to do if your partner doesn’t want to have sex anymore

For whatever reason, your partner can decide not to have sex anymore. How can you make your partner change that stance?

It is the convention that with time, the honeymoon phase of every relationship slows down, sex also slows down at this point. However, not having sex at all is not supposed to happen. Sex is supposed to be desired by you and your partner if not often, occasionally. If your partner decides not to have sex again or is uninterested every time you try to initiate sex, there is a tendency that you will begin to worry and panic. That, my friend, doesn’t solve the problem. You have to acknowledge the fact that you are not the first to experience this sort of thing in your relationship and by so doing, you open yourself up to learn how those who struggled with the same situation in the past overcame it.


First thing you must do is not to panic if you lack sex in your relationship. Not panicking is so important it has to be reemphasized here. The level of a person’s sexual desire and drive to have sex fluctuate as they grow older in life. Sometimes it is like a fire put out and needs to be rekindled. It is normal for there to be a decline in the sexual desire of your partner, and it doesn’t point to any problems at all, in as much as that could be the case, it also may not be the case.

With this knowledge, you know that it is not always as a result of a problem. There is no “one solution” to this as individuals are unique in their way and respond to things differently. The reasons why your partner may stop wanting sex may vary from the reason why Mr. B’s partner may stop wanting sex. It could be a need to complete a task at work or a combination of other rights. The common reasons amongst couples are; stress, emotional exhaustion, unresolved relationship issues, etcetera.


What Must You Do To Solve This Problem? What must you do to make your partner start wanting to have sex again?

Here are a few tips.

  • Talk with Your Partner: Communication is the bedrock on which any great relationship is built. If you do not know why your partner doesn’t want to have sex anymore, it is in the best interest of you both for you two to sit down and have a talk about it. Discuss what’s going on with your partner; it is a critical step in solving the problem.
  • Brink Backs The Honeymoon Days: As time goes on, we lose the spark in our relationship, we no longer care about what we do, how we look in the presence of our partner. It is only natural to be comfortable with your partner. But not creating a balance between been pleased with your partner and being absolutely gross could be the problem. Bring back the ‘sexy you.’ You must learn to do the things you did when you were still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship.
  • Finally, talk to an expert about it. Go for counseling with a professional who has dealt with many of these sorts of cases.
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