Your ability to experience true sexual pleasure


Imagine being comfortable being completely naked in front of your partner, telling him exactly how and what you feel, what you like and where you like being touched and imagine that being able to do, by itself, enhances your sexual pleasure.


I understood that just as I have gone through an amazing transformation, and just like I am very confident and relaxed in my sexual life, love myself more and feel better than ever, any woman can. My wish is that all women one day will live this way.


I have studied, researched and treated so many women that I know it is a possibility! I have recently created an online course with 7 easy to learn lessons which will allow you to go through my process, without even leaving the comfort of your home! With these 7 easy steps, you will be able to transform your life and enjoy them and your sex life, as you have never enjoyed them before!


The learning process is fun and easy and suitable for all types of women! In my course you will learn:


Lesson 1 – changing negative sexual conditionings to positive ones, finding the negative sentences we say to ourselves daily and believe to be the truth, sentences we have been saying to yourself since childhood and that was created due to different traumatic experiences we went through during the first 10 years of our life.



Maybe your mother or father said something like “don’t have sex too soon or that is all he will want from you”. If we were in pain during the first time we had sex, it can create the conditioning that pleasure is pain. All of these sentences together create a sense of fear amongst many women who grow afraid of discovering their true sexual potential.



Our goal is to reveal these sentences, understand that they are just stories we have been telling ourselves but are not actually true.


Lesson 2 – Changing the negative sexual conditionings to positive ones



In this lesson, we will find out what conditionings have been controlling your sexual life and preventing you from enjoying your full sexual potential. We will learn how to change negative conditionings into positive ones and into new sentences that you will embrace as your own from today onwards. Changing these conditionings to positive ones will help you create the ability to find your own sexual power, sexual pleasure points in your body and to explore your body and sexuality, deeper than ever before.



Lesson 3 – This is your vagina, nice to meet you!!


In this lesson we reach the physical part – getting to know our vulva, from up close and personal to understand how she works. Once we get to know our vulva from up close, we will be able to reconnect with her from a place of love, compassion, and acceptance.


We will start with the basic structure of the female genitalia. Its openings, the exterior area of the vulva, the clitoris, the clitorial walls the part of the vagina that most women do not know – the internal clitoral tissue. From there, we will now move to the pelvic floor area which is just as important. These muscles are directly connected to our sexual pleasure which makes them so important. These muscles are very important as they are located in the exact same area we will be focusing on, whilst performing the wave movement that will learn in this course. Stronger pelvic muscles, together with the correct awareness and presence can cause deep contractions in our vagina and uterus, allowing us to enjoy stronger and more pleasurable vaginal orgasms.


Lesson 4 – The different types of orgasms


In this lesson we will learn all about the different types of orgasms women can physically experience; Clitorial orgasm, Vaginal orgasm, The CUV orgasm, combined orgasms, and squirting orgasm. The combined orgasm which is a combination of the clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Squirting orgasm usually happens with a partner who knows how to hit the right spot or spontaneously. The CUV orgasm is the one I will be teaching you in this course, it is very different compared to the other types of orgasms, mainly because it can be controlled and reached alone.


Thanks to this type of orgasm, you will learn all about the sexual potential in your own body, and new ways to tap into that pleasure easily. Researchers found out that during orgasm, over 30 different areas of the female brain light up. The brain gets large portions of oxygen and parts of the brain to communicate that don’t usually do so in other circumstances. Another important thing to remember is that the female orgasm has many positive effects on our body, health, and the general feeling in life and raises the chances of conceiving.



Lesson 5 – The jade egg and sexual fantasy


In today’s lesson, we will add the Chinese jade crystal egg to our practice. Jade eggs have always been an important sexual tool that originates in China, there it is considered a symbol of purity and peace. The Jade egg helps revive the sexual energy in our vagina, helps in cases of frigidity and problems in the sexual relationship. It also helps strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, enhances our sexual energy and helps carets a more pleasurable sexual life.

Practicing with the egg will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, enhance your sexual energy and pleasure from sex and will help you create a life of passion, vitality, and joy.

In this lesson, we will learn a number of exercises to practice with the egg in order to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles.


We will also talk about the importance of working with sexual fantasies and the ways you can incorporate them into your practice. A sexual fantasy is a dream or thought pattern that happens in our brain and wakes us up, sexually and helps us deal with limiting beliefs or other matters of the mind that prevent us from fully engaging in sexual activities. Many women need a sexual fantasy to let go and reach climax. In fantasy we can be sexual without limitations and can experience things differently than what we usually experience is our real sex.


Lesson 6 – Being a woman!


In this lesson, we will learn about the sexual drama triangle that I have developed, based on Karpman’s drama triangle, that includes three elements: The perceptual element, the behavioral element, and the physical element.


The perceptual element is all about the way we perceive ourselves and our sexuality. This perception causes us to behave in an avoiding and closed off manner: we don’t allow ourselves to have fun and we don’t look at ourselves in a compassionate or sexual way. This story that we keep telling ourselves, creates resistance inside our body. This is the reason our body often shuts down and is unable to relax or reach sexual climax. In this lesson, we will learn how to change the sexual drama triangle to a positive one, the importance of using positive words about ourselves, we will be exposed to a new positive and loving energetic state.


We will also learn about “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and how we can use them to change our sexual behavior.


Once you embrace this information as your own truth, you will able to change your sexual behavior accordingly.




Lesson 7 – Using what you have learned in your own sex life


In this lesson, we will learn how to bring all that you have learned, to your sexual relationship. At first, we will practice the movement with a vibrator, this will help us visualize a penis inside us and practice the movement without it moving. After practicing with your vibrator, you can gently begin practicing the moment with your partner. Begin practicing the movement before penetration, he does not have to be there with you for the first step. You can invite you to join him whenever you feel ready. I promise this will be an interesting experience for both of you.


This is going to be a very exciting experience for you both, as you are bringing in your partner and introducing him to all the new ways you have learned to experience pleasure. He will feel much better knowing that you are now responsible for your own pleasure and orgasms. You will also get additional tips to raise your sexual energy as a couple. This will help you grow closer as a couple, will open up your intimacy and will help raise your sexual energy as a couple to reach new peaks of pleasure and togetherness.

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